Minimum Contact Policy

Eastbourne Skate School Minimum Contact Policy.

We encourage all age groups to skate together as well as skaters of all abilities, we believe that this benefits all and allows everyone to participate.

All SK8school Instructors and Skate Guards will at all times avoid any unnecessary or inappropriate contact with any members of the public. We would also be on the look-out for such contact and report it to the appropriate authorities immediately.

Some of our Sessions and Lessons include games that allow what we consider to be minimum contact, and it is understood that from time to time contact is made whilst skating around. This is unavoidable and acceptable.

Unacceptable or inappropriate contact is avoidable, for example play fighting.

All we ask is that everyone respects their fellow skaters to provide a safe environment for all.

This statement is intended to ensure the Eastbourne Skate School, its instructors and skate guards continue to show that we are committed to the welfare of all that attend.