SK8streetwize! is our skate course that enables you to use your skates as transport, confidently traversing everything the world can throw at you!

The Course lasts a half day (about 3 hours teaching with a stop for lunch).

You can expect to learn and improve in the following areas:

  • Stopping fast and confidently – even on hills!
  • Traversing Kerbs and Steps
  • Uneven surfaces, such as blind man bumps and cobbled driveways
  • Crossing Roads the right way!
  • Improving speed and efficiency over distance
  • Multiple ways to stop
  • Transitions and Stride 3 if time allows!

There will be several miles of travel and much of it at speed so some minimum skills apply….

All attendees must be able to stop to some degree and maintain stride 2 for several minutes at a time. Parallel turns and spin stops are an ability that is recommended.

Candidates are advised to pop in for assessment prior to the course at a standard lesson or the roller disco if in doubt.

Cost £30 BOOKING and Payment in advance.

Date TBC. Location – Eastbourne.