Skating & My Floor

Often we at SK8school turn up at a new venue and are asked “Will skating damage my floor?”


The short answer is of course not!

Modern skates are primarily plastic, with polyurethane wheels and non marking stoppers. The days of strap on metal skates with metal or bone wheels are long gone! As are black rubber stoppers!

old-skatesLets put it this way, SK8school operates in partnership every week with several councils, sports centres and schools … if we damaged floors, our business would have collapsed back in 2003 when we started!

wiisk8Here’s a selection of references from schools and other partners with regard to the operation of SK8school and the activity of skating effect on Hall, Sports and Gym floors.


Following your email regarding a reference please note we have always found you a pleasure to work with. Your admin side of things always works smoothly and our office is not inundated with calls for you – which is great. The children really enjoy your club and we have not had any injuries that have caused us great concern. We also appreciate the extra things that you do for us such as the fun sessions you provided for our children who were unable to afford our Year 6 residential trip. The wooden floor in our hall was a concern when you first contacted us but after consultation with you and our caretakers we went ahead and I am happy to say that 2-3 years on our hall is still unmarked and in full working order.

Kind regards

Kirsty Cox – Ocklynge School

I can confirm that we have always found you and Sk8school very professional and reliable.  We would not hesitate to recommend you to other schools.  I have checked with our site manager and he says your skates have no detrimental effect on our hall floor.

Best wishes

Jen Thomas

West Rise Junior School


“Floored” Logic

I can see marks on the floor….

Yes you can – You can make similar marks by taking a pencil eraser and rubbing that on the floor. The marks are where your floor has worn out the eraser or in this case our skates! Varnish and Wood are HARDER than skate wheels. If you skate fast and “power slide” it is possible to leave some parallel marks on the floor, where the FLOOR HAS WORN THE WHEELS!!! Simply stamping on the affected area or sweeping it (in normal cleaning) rubs off the wheel polyurethane from the varnish, leaving it untouched.


Skate wheels will damage our floor so you cant skate in there….

What? In the hall with all the chairs? Chairs have hard plastic or wood legs concentrating all the weight into 4 small points… guess what, that’s much harder than skate wheels and compressed into a smaller area, than 8 wheels cover,especially when rolling.