After School Skate Clubs

We are now taking bookings for After School Skate Clubs at multiple locations across the Eastbourne Area. Please be aware most clubs sell out very quickly, especially the April – July term as the clubs are often able to run outside in the Sunshine! If your child goes to Haven, book directly with your school… Continue reading After School Skate Clubs

Pads Amnesty! Hand in your old gear – get a FREE Ticket!

If you’ve been wondering what to do with all that old skate gear your kids have grown out of or stopped using, especially Helmets and pads… Look no further, SK8school can help. Every year we recycle loads of old pads, wrists guards, helmets and even skates back into the skate community. All our roller discos… Continue reading Pads Amnesty! Hand in your old gear – get a FREE Ticket!

Eastbourne Skate School

Welcome to the Eastbourne Skate School website – the Internet home of Eastbourne Skating. SK8school has been teaching Eastbourne to skate since 1995 and we have the most qualified and experienced instructors around. We are the only Internationally recognised Skate School in Eastbourne and the only group qualified to teach skate lessons beyond beginner level… Continue reading Eastbourne Skate School